A brand new way to “update” a previously delivered invoice

Damn! I thought it was ok for today, but my customer just told me that he expected the invoice I sent him last week to be addressed to his company, not him directly… Ok let’s edit the document… Oh no, my accountant said it was not legal… And as I automate everything, it has already been entered in my accounts. What should I do now?

Sincerely, who has never experienced this?
Being stuck in that kind of issues is quite common with a lot of invoicing softwares. But at Octobat, as automation is perhaps the most important thing we believe in, we definitely cannot leave you in a dead-end path.

That’s why we just introduced the “Cancel and replace” feature.

Its goal is quite simple: as it’s impossible - for compliance and legal reasons - to edit a previously sent invoice, we issue another one to the same customer - obviously with its newly updated data - indicating the reference of the invoice it replaces.

For instance, if you decide to cancel invoice n°610, when the next available sequence number is 687, the new invoice will be titled as following:

Invoice 687, cancels and replaces 610

It’s quite easy in Octobat to use this feature, and here is a walkthrough on how to do it.