Create a payment link with Beanie

Discover Beanie links - a secured solution to create payment links without any technical knowledge. Share it on your favorite social media or send it to your customers via SMS, Whatsapp, email...

Beanie Links is an effortless, quick but yet professional solution to create unique or reusable payment links that can be shared on your favorite social media or messaging platform.

Beanie is an Octobat integrated solution that also helps you handle taxes and invoicing automatically

Beanie links can be especially useful for those who promote their services and products outside of an e-commerce website. For example, freelancers, small businesses, and content creators using Instagram and Facebook stories to promote their products.

Beanie payments are processed by Stripe. This means that you must first integrate your Octobat with your Stripe for creating a Beanie link. If you haven't yet, you can create an octobat account here. Note: Beanie Links and Stripe are only available for businesses, you cannot activate an account if you are an individual.

  • Accept Credit card and Sepa SEPA payments (only in the EU)

  • Accept One-time payment

  • Accept Recurring payments

  • Calculate taxes automatically (powered by Octobat)

  • Issue and send compliant invoices at every sale (powered by Octobat)

Before starting you must integrate Octobat and Stripe. If you haven't yet, please check this tutorial.

Step 1: Go to your Stripe dashboard and under the "Products section" add your products to sell.

Set the product name:

Set the product price and recurrence. Beanie Links support both one-time and recurring payments:

Step 2: Go to your Octobat dashboard and create a Beanie Configuration.

A Beanie Configuration is mandatory for creating Beanie links

Under the Configuration section, go to the collect payments tab and then go to Beanie configurations.

Then you must Add a Beanie configuration

First, you need to give it a name, you can choose your preferred theme color, and ⚠️very important to set your ✅success and ❌cancel payments URL.

Now you need to continue to set the following parameters:

  1. Set your tax calculation option:

    a. tax inclusive: The tax will be calculated and then deducted from the payment and after this actually occurs.

    b. tax exclusive: The tax will be calculated during checkout and the final price will change depending on the tax rate.

  2. Validate the tax number: when it comes to B2B sales, Beanie can validate the tax IDs based on the number validity or the format compliance.

  3. Accept coupons?: Tick yes if you want to validate during the checkout the coupons that you've created on Stripe.

  4. Saving payment methods options.

  5. The Billing address phone number collection options.

Now your Beanie Configuration appears on your Configuration list

Step 3: Go to your Octobat dashboard and create a Beanie Link.

Now that your Beanie configuration is set, you're ready to create your Beanie link. First, you need to go to the Configuration section, then on the Collect Payments tab, and finally go to Beanie links.

Then you must add a Beanie Link.

Now you need to go back to your Stripe Dashboard and look for the product that you want to sell and bind it to your Beanie link using the product's API ID code:

Go back to the Beanie Links configuration and do the following steps:

  1. Set a title on your link.

  2. Copy and paste the product API ID from Stripe into the SKU/Plan ID Field.

  3. Select the Beanie configuration that you've created on Step2.

Click Save and that's it! You're Beanie Link now appears on the Beanie Link list so that you can copy and paste the URL and share it with all your customers.

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